The New Sports and Terrace Bar
You probably won’t find a Bullock Whip in the Front Bar of The Pump these days, but they used to stand by the front door as their owners slaked their thirst after a hard day’s drive from Adelaide. The Pump outside gave cool respite to their beasts of burden, while inside a pint of draught off the kegs satisfied all comers. Some 60,000 people would pass by this point every year in the early days. In this bar, the stories of hardship would be told, embellished by The Pump’s finest libations. Nothing’s changed. Tell your stories over a pint here too.

The new sports bar area has TAB, Keno, Large Screen TVs. Sky 1 & 2 for all the live events.
Every Monday - Friday 4pm - 6pm  Happy Hour in Sports Bar  . Our terrace bar now offers coffee from open to close .