Entering the Aldgate Pump Hotel at the junction of Mount Barker Road and Strathalbyn Road in the delightful Adelaide Hills is to step back in time.

Follow the footsteps of bullock drivers, travelers and colonists who a century ago came for the same reasons – a cool drink, great food and good company.

Back then, the trip from Adelaide to this haven in a wild country took the best part of a day.

A hand-pump and a trough outside gave oxen and horses a welcome drink, while their owners fortified themselves for the rigours of their journey eastward.

A last refuge of colonial refinery before the bush camps and the hard yards to come.

Today you can rediscover the refinements of the Aldgate Pump Hotel.

No matter whether you live locally or visit from afar, discover why The Pump was regarded as one of the best hotels of the colonial era – and why that reputation as one of South Australia’s best hotels and eateries continues today.

Either way, you’ll find a refreshing drink waiting for you – and that wholesome tucker that has made The Pump an icon over the century.